Preseed Success Stories

The following Pre Seed success stories are from real couples who have successfully gotten pregnant after using Preseed.  Click here to contact us to submit your story.

Shocked that a new baby is already on the way

My husband is considered infertile (low sperm count and motility), so we conceived our 2 children using Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) at our city’s fertility clinic. The Doctors all told us that we would never be able to have children without intervention.

I’ve been thinking about having a third baby recently, and had arranged an appointment with the clinic after my next period. My husband had bought Pre-Seed some time ago, and we decided to try it (also using an ovulation kit) since we’d have to wait another cycle before we could go in for our appointment.

So here I am, waiting for my period so I can book the appointment, and guess what – it never came! I’m only 5 weeks now, and we’re excited, but a little shocked that a new baby is already on the way (a bit earlier than we had been thinking).

Will recommend Pre-Seed to all my friends. Thanks for saving us $250! ~DM