How to Use Preseed

“Fertility-Friendly” Preseed Personal Lubricant is the only lubricant that should be used by TTC couples (trying-to-conceive). Other personal lubricants on the market form a barrier not allowing sperm to flow through to the cervical opening.

Preseed provides the optimum sperm-friendly environment by moisturizing the vaginal canal by mimicking a woman’s natural cervical fluids. It is proven to be both safe and effective.

How to Use Preseed Lubricant

Applying Preseed Personal Lubricant for TTC couples is easy by following the simple instructions, and is available in pre-filled single use applicators and multi-use applicators.

When using a single use pre-filled applicator simply remove the cap, insert the end into the vagina and squeeze to release the lubricant. Multi-use applicators allows you to determine how much of the lubricant you want to use.

Just remove the cap on the tube and twist the applicator onto the end of the tube. As you gently squeeze the tube, the applicator will begin to fill. The stick of the applicator will rise as the lubricant fills it up. By reading the numbers on the stick you will know how much lubricant is in the tube.

When filled with as much lubricant as you desire, simply insert the end of the applicator into the vagina and squeeze the lubricant out of the tube.

With both the pre-filled single use applicator and the multi-use applicator, after inserting the lubricant inside your vagina, it is recommended by Preseed, that you wait for 15 minutes until you have sexual intercourse.

Preseed Personal Lubricant is also available in a convenient flip top tube to be used as an externally applied lubricant for those time you are not hoping to conceive and just want more lubrication while making love.

It is also used by those women in different stages in their life that want a lubricant that is less irritating than other off-the-shelf products and for those with pelvic pain issues, or because of dryness from hormonal changes.

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Did You Know?
When Pre Seed first launched in 2003 it temporarily sold out as word spread about how effective it was.

Shortly afterwards, people were selling it eBay for up to $80 a box!

Luckily for us, Preseed is now widely available and can be purchased quickly and easily for a lot cheaper!

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Dr. Joanna Ellington

"As a federally funded Sperm Physiologist for over 20 years, I knew many couples were using lubricants that could interfere with pregnancy.

I developed Pre Seed® to supplement vaginal secretions in a fertility-friendly formula and to help every couple enjoy “seriously fun baby-making”!

– Dr. Joanna Ellington

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