Best Fertile Days to Conceive

What are the Best Fertile Days to Conceive?

Most women can identify their best fertile days to conceive using one of more of the following methods: (1) using a basal thermometer to track their daily temperature; (2) checking the physical status of cervical mucus; or (3) using an ovulation predictor kit. Counting the days between menstrual cycles can give you a general idea of when you will ovulate, but it is not as accurate as other means. Using this method, you can make a pretty good general prediction of what days are best for fertility, but due to the variation in a woman’s cycles, it’s not an exact science. Contrary to popular belief, women can average anywhere between 24-35 days between cycles, which causes the discrepencies.

A more accurate way of determining the best fertile days to conceive is by using basal temperature fertility charting. When a woman begins ovulation, her body temperature will rise an average of .5 – 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This happens because of the increase in progesterone. The temperature will then remain elevated for about 3 days, but the most fertile time is typically 2 days or so prior to the maximum temperature. So by monitoring and recording her temperature every day, she can detect when her average temperature has increased (albeit slightly.) This is why a basal thermometer is necessary; they are much more accurate than a regular thermometer, sometimes to 1/100th of a degree.

Another method that a woman can use to determine her best fertile days to conceive involves checking the cervical mucus for changes. Prior to ovulation, the cervix will be very dry with a minimal amount of mucus. Right before the onset of ovulation, mucus production increases, becoming sticky and stretchy. This is most easily tested by inserting a finger into the cervical cavity and rubbing it around in a circle. During high fertility, the mucus will be creamy and closely resemble egg whites, and the consistency will allow it to stretch between your fingers.

Finally, use of an ovulation predictor kit is common to identify the best fertile days to conceive. This tool measures the amount of LH (luteinizing hormone) in a woman’s body. Right before ovulation, there is a surge in this hormone which will cause the test to read a positive result, similar to a pregnancy test. Similarly, it is also a urine-based test and very easy to use. By utilizing one or more of these methods, woman should not find it difficult to detect the best fertile days to conceive in her cycle.

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